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#Interview Joe Cosentino, author of Drama Cruise, the 3rd Nicky and Noah Mystery Novel Published by Lethe Press!

Join me in welcoming Joe Cosentino to my blog with his newest novel, Drama Cruise, Book 3 in the Nicky and Noah Mystery Series, and an informative interview!

Drama Cruise is available now at
Lethe Press,
Hello, Joe. It's grate to see you again!  Why did you write a gay cozy mystery/comedy/romance series?

There aren’t a whole lot out there. The Nicky and Noah mysteries are the kind of books I like reading: funny, theatrical, sexy, wild, and wacky with a solid mystery full of plot twists and turns at its center—and a surprise ending!

Tell us about the Nicky and Noah mysteries.

The Nicky and Noah mysteries are set in an Edwardian style university founded originally by a gay couple (Tree and Meadow) whose name the university bears: Treemeadow College. The clues and murders (and laughs) come fast and furious, there are enough plot twists and turns and a surprise ending to keep the pages turning, and at the center is a touching gay romance between Associate Professor of Directing Nicky Abbondanza and Assistant Professor of Acting Noah Oliver. Like an Agatha Christie novel, the mystery is the central focus with red herrings and inversions leading to a satisfying conclusion. As in an Armistead Maupin novel, the characters are wacky, surprising, and endearing.

In the first novel, Drama Queen (Divine Magazine’s Readers’ Choice Award for Best Mystery, Best Crime, Best Humorous, Best Contemporary novel of 2015), it is winter, so white snow, cherry wood mantels surrounding blazing fireplaces, and hot chocolate are in abundance. College theatre professors are falling like stage curtains (while Nicky directs the college play production), and Nicky and Noah must figure out whodunit and why. In the second book, Drama Muscle (Rainbow Award Honorable Mention), it is fall, so gorgeous leaves of amber, violet, and scarlet blanket the campus. Nicky is directing the college’s bodybuilding competition, and bodybuilding students and professors are dropping like barbells. In each book Nicky and Noah eavesdrop, seduce, role play, and finally trap the murderer, as pandemonium, hilarity, and true love ensue for a happily ever after ending—until the next book.

Were Drama Queen and Drama Muscle well received?

Reviewers called Drama Queen “hysterically funny farce,” “Murder She Wrote meets Hart to Hart meets The Hardy Boys,” and “a captivating whodunit with a surprise ending.” One reviewer wrote it was the funniest book she had ever read. The readers feel in love with Nicky and Noah as they fell in love with each other. Drama Muscle was equally well received, so Drama Cruise just released and Drama Luau releases in June. I’m writing Drama Detective now.

Is it challenging writing a series?

I feel as if I am visiting with old friends. I also enjoy watching the leading characters and their relationships develop. For example, Martin Anderson’s (theatre department head) husband, Ruben, was a minor character in the first two books, but he plays a major role in the third book, and we get to see his dry and wonderful sense of humor, devotion to Martin, and mystery solving chops.

Tell us about the storyline in Drama Cruise, the third Nicky and Noah mystery.

Drama Cruise takes place in summer as Nicky and Noah go on a ten-day cruise from San Francisco to Alaska and back. Nicky and Noah must figure out why college theatre professors are dropping like life rafts as Nicky directs a murder mystery dinner theatre show onboard ship starring Noah and other college theatre professors from all over the world. Complicating matters are their both sets of wacky parents who want to embark on all the activities on and off the boat with the handsome couple. Martin Anderson (Nicky and Noah’s department head) and his husband are also along for the rocky ride. As in the first two books, there are a slew of colorful, hysterically funny victims and suspects like the cruise director who talks endlessly about her glory days as a theatre major in college, the ship’s doctor who is looking for the secret of life, Nicky and Noah’s porter who wants them to adopt him, and the captain of the boat who insists he has seen the ghost of his former sea captain. The theatre professors are equally as colorful, including an alcoholic who believes he has seen a mermaid, a hypochondriac looking for love, a comic with a cat of nine tails in her closet, and a Shakespearian actor who can’t keep his hands off his volume of the Bard—or off anyone else. And who is the mysterious Professor Nan Joy Hassahl?

Why did you set the third novel on a cruise to Alaska?

A few years back my spouse talked me into going on a ten-day cruise to Alaska. We packed our bathing suits, daywear, nightwear, and credit cards. Prone to motion-sickness, I also packed my ginger capsules and grumbling stomach (and mouth) and we were off. We had amazing meals (after amazing meals), fantastic ocean views, spotted a whale waving its tail at us, and went on a helicopter ride to the glaciers. We also embarked on land excursions to a tramway over the mountains, a totem pole park, a log climbers show, a frontier habitat, and a Native American village. Our cabin sported a private balcony and a gay porter who seemed excited to find a gay couple onboard ship. Onboard ship we raised our noses at an art show, played bingo like senior citizens on church night, gambled like card sharks at the casino, and saw a musical revue with singing and dancing cupcakes. When we returned home, I decided to immortalize our trip by setting the third Nicky and Noah mystery onboard a cruise to Alaska.

Since you are a college theatre professor, is the series based on you, your colleagues, and students?

My colleagues kid me that if anybody at my college ticks me off, I kill him/her in the series? Hah. To be honest, I like my colleagues and students too much to murder them in my books. Martin Anderson, Nicky and Noah’s department head, is based on me. He’s a loyal, hardworking department head and professor who fully supports his faculty colleagues, office assistant, and the students in his department. Like me, he is also a little bit, well quite a bit, of a gossip. His spouse, Ruben, is based on mine. My knowledge of theatre is also very evident in the series. The other characters and the location came from my head. As my mother says, “You always thought up crazy stories when you were a kid. And not much has changed!”

Nicky is described as having an enormous manhood. Does that help him solve the murders?

It doesn’t hurt. Well, maybe it does. Hah. Nicky has to flirt his way into some places to get certain information, so his handsome face, muscular body, and huge penis are definitely assets. Even more, however, Nicky and Noah use their theatre skills, including playing other people, to get clues. Most of all, Nicky uses his smarts, always a fine asset in an amateur detective. And in the third novel he gets some help from Martin, Ruben, and Noah’s father all joining in with hysterically funny role plays to nab the killer.

Nicky is of Italian-American decent, like you. Is that a coincidence?

Not at all. I come from a very funny Italian family. I use that in a great deal of my writing, though my mother swears nothing I write about our family actually ever happened. My sister and I know better.

Who was your favorite character to write in Drama Cruise?

Nicky has such an amazing never say die attitude, wit, smarts, and perseverance in the face of adversity. He is genuinely concerned for others, and he wants to help them. Finally, he is a one-man man, and Nicky is proud to admit that man is Noah Oliver. However, my favorite characters in book three are Jeff and Neem, the hypochondriac professor and other worldly ship’s doctor.

Noah’s parents are pretty hilarious too.

Noah’s mother is totally devoted to her son—almost as much as to her camera. I love how Noah’s father is an amateur sleuth like Nicky. As they say, “men marry their fathers.”

Nicky’s parents are totally devoted to Nicky too.

I love that about them. Also, both sets of parents accept their son’s lover as part of their family. It brings tears to my eyes when Noah’s parents ask Nicky to call them, Mom and Dad.

Who was the easiest character to write?

Ruben and Martin, since they are based on my spouse and me. I love Martin’s dedication to the college, paternal instincts toward Nicky and Noah, sense of theatricality, and his inquiring mind. I also like how Martin and Ruben throw loving jibes at one another yet are totally in love, and can read each other like a book—no pun intended.

Which character do you like the least?

Captain James Vessel is quite vocal about his homophobia due to what he calls his, religious freedom. Religious freedom means you are free to practice whatever religion you like, not take away someone else’s civil rights. But Vessel is in for a huge surprise as the book commences.

Which character was the hardest to write?

Aurora, the cruise director, tells lots of stories about her past as a theatre major in college. While it’s a funny running gag throughout, I had to wrack my brain to keep coming up with stories.

Your Dreamspinner Press novellas (An Infatuation—Divine Magazine’s Readers’ Choice Award 2nd Place for Best MM Romance), A Shooting Star, A Home for the Holidays, and The Naked Prince and Other Tales from Fairyland) were so well received. Two are available as audiobooks performed by Joel Leslie. What do you say to people who loved them and might be surprised that the Nicky and Noah mysteries are quite different?

They may love blonds and also guys with dark hair. Variety is the spice of life. I’d ask them to give the Nicky and Noah mysteries a try. Like I found eating pea soup as a kid, they may acquire a different taste.

You have another mystery series, the Jana Lane mystery series.

Yes, I created a heroine who was the biggest child star ever until she was attacked on the studio lot at eighteen years old. In Paper Doll Jana at thirty-eight lives with her family in a mansion in picturesque Hudson Valley, New York. Her flashbacks from the past become murder attempts in her future. Forced to summon up the lost courage she had as a child, Jana ventures back to Hollywood, which helps her uncover a web of secrets about everyone she loves. She also embarks on a romance with the devilishly handsome son of her old producer, Rocco Cavoto. In Porcelain Doll (The Wild Rose Press), Jana makes a comeback film and uncovers who is being murdered on the set and why. Her heart is set aflutter by her incredibly gorgeous co-star, Jason Apollo. In Satin Doll (The Wild Rose Press), Jana and family head to Washington, DC, where Jana plays a US senator in a new film, and becomes embroiled in a murder and corruption at the senate chamber. She also embarks on a flirtation with Chris Bruno, the muscular detective. In China Doll (The Wild Rose Press), Jana heads to New York City to star in a Broadway play, enchanted by her gorgeous co-star Peter Stevens, and faced with murder on stage and off. In Rag Doll (The Wild Rose Press), Jana stars in a television mystery series and life imitates art. Since the novels take place in the 1980’s, Jana’s agent and best friend are gay, and Jana is somewhat of a gay activist, the AIDS epidemic is a large part of the novels. Chrissa Clark Howe is doing the amazing audiobooks.

What are the rules for writing a good mystery?

Give the clues early! There’s nothing worse than reading a mystery and not getting any clues until the end. That’s cheating. Also, put in a number of red herrings. A mystery should have more than mystery. Like any novel, it should have interesting characters, a strong plot with lots of twists and turns, and a satisfying ending. Getting there should be half the fun. So don’t forget the romance and humor.

And how about your New Jersey beach series?

NineStar Press published Cozzi Cove: Bouncing Back, Cozzi Cove: Moving Forward, and the upcoming Cozzi Cove: Stepping Out about handsome Cal Cozzi’s gay beach resort on a gorgeous cove. I spent my summers as a kid on the Jersey Shore, so it’s a special place for me. The first novel was a Favorite Book of the Month on The TBR Pile site.

Thank you for joining me today, Joe! It was great to have you here!

It is my joy and pleasure to share these stories with you. So take your front row seat. The boat is leaving from port. Lights up and ahoy matey! Alaska here we come!

Read an Excerpt of Drama Cruise

Noah and I left the lounge and took the all-glass elevator down to the main level, marveling at the enormous circular marble stairway opposite us.
Noah took my hand and squeezed it. “I’m so glad we’re doing this, Nicky.”

“Whatever floats your boat,” I replied kissing his cheek.

Kissing my sideburn, Noah replied, “You float my boat.”

I grabbed his bottom as we came out of the elevator. “I wonder what happened to Jeff. We need the star’s confidant character.”

“He probably hasn’t gotten his sea legs yet,” Noah replied with compassion as usual. “We can check on him later.”

We looked at the various stores, restaurants, and four-piece wind orchestra serenading us.

“What do you want to do now?” Noah asked.

“You know what I want to do.” I put my arm around Noah’s welcoming shoulders. “However, I told Martin we would meet him and Ruben at the pool.”

Noah sighed in ecstasy. “Ah, whiling away the afternoon at the pool. I could get used to this, Nicky.”

We walked up the grand staircase, which rivaled the set from Gone with he Wind. In our cabin, we changed into bathing suits—form-fitting for Noah and baggy for me. After a quick elevator ride down, Noah and I sat poolside.

We marveled at the azure sky morphing into the aqua ocean rolling away to the turquoise pool, all reflected in Noah’s gorgeous eyes.

Noah held my hand. “I feel like I’m in heaven, Nicky.”

“Wherever you are is heaven for me.” I kissed his hand.

“Can we stay here forever?” Noah asked as he settled deeper into his overstuffed chaise.

I sipped my lemonade. “Enjoy it now. Treemeadow College owns us come September.”

“And don’t you forget it.” Martin Anderson served us a late afternoon snack of triple decker grilled veggie sandwiches with sweet potato fries and spinach salad from the outdoor buffet. Short, thin, and pushing seventy, my mentor, department head, and best friend sat on the chaise lounge next to me and motioned for his husband to join him on the next chaise. Ruben Markinson, the CEO of a large gay rights organization and Martin’s taller half, followed his husband’s prompting.

“Don’t you two look spiffy?” I said like a teenage son with his parents on the beach.

“What a change to be out in the sun. It’s glorious!” said Martin.

“Amen,” added Ruben.

Martin said, “Though we had to spend a half hour putting on sunscreen.”

Noah and I grinned at Martin and Ruben’s matching attire: enormous beach hats, floor-length white terry cloth robes, and fluffy slippers.

“Is your cabin all right?” asked Noah, always concerned about others.

“How was lunch in the dining room?” I asked, pulling out Noah’s nuts (the nuts on his salad—since he’s allergic).

Martin waved our questions away like mosquitoes at a picnic. “Everything is fine.” His brown eyes doubled in size as he unleashed them behind his giant sunglasses. “Tell me about the rehearsal.” As producer, Martin was in charge of approving our contracts with the cruise line and securing our costumes and props for the dinner theatre production. However, as always, Martin’s main interest was gossip.

I answered, “Noah is terrific as Cheyenne’s young paramour. Cheyenne is the perfect temptress of mystery.”

Martin put his small hand over my mouth. “I’m sure everyone is wonderful.”

He slid to the edge of his chaise. “I want the dirt. How are the cast members getting along…or not getting along?"

When I hesitated, Ruben said, “You’d better tell him, Nicky. If you don’t, this trip will be hell for me. Besides, you know he’ll get it out of you sooner or later anyway. So let’s make it sooner and enjoy the beautiful day.” He winked at Martin.

About Drama Cruise

Theater professors and couple, Nicky Abbondanza and Noah Oliver, are going overboard as usual, but this time on an Alaskan cruise, where dead college theatre professors are popping up everywhere from the swimming pool to the captain’s table. Further complicating matters are Nicky’s and Noah’s parents as surprise cruise passengers, and Nicky’s assignment to direct a murder mystery dinner theater show onboard ship. Nicky and Noah will need to use their drama skills to figure out who is bringing the curtain down on vacationing theatre professors before it is lights out for the handsome couple. You will be applauding and shouting Bravo for Joe Cosentino’s fast-paced, side-splittingly funny, edge-of-your-seat entertaining third novel in this delightful series. Curtain up and ship ahoy!

Drama Cruise is available now at
Lethe Press,
About Joe Cosentino

Bestselling author Joe Cosentino was voted Favorite Mystery, Humorous, and Contemporary Author of 2015 by the readers of Divine Magazine for Drama Queen. He also wrote the other novels in the Nicky and Noah mystery series: Drama Muscle and Drama Cruise (Lethe Press); In My Heart/An Infatuation & A Shooting Star, A Home for the Holidays, The Naked Prince and Other Tales from Fairyland (Dreamspinner Press); Cozzi Cove: Bouncing Back, Cozzi Cove: Moving Forward, Cozzi Cove: Stepping Out Cozzi Cove series (NineStar Press); Paper Doll, Porcelain Doll, Satin Doll, China Doll, Rag Doll (The Wild Rose Press) Jana Lane mysteries; and The Nutcracker and the Mouse King (Eldridge Plays and Musicals). He has appeared in principal acting roles in film, television, and theatre, opposite stars such as Bruce Willis, Rosie O’Donnell, Nathan Lane, Holland Taylor, and Jason Robards. Joe is currently Head of the Department/Professor at a college in upstate New York, and is happily married. Joe was voted 2nd Place for Best MM Author of the Year in Divine Magazine’s Readers’ Choice Awards for 2015, and has won many Rainbow Award Honorable mentions including for Drama Muscle. Upcoming novels are Drama Luau (fourth Nicky and Noah mystery) and Cozzi Cove: New Beginnings (fourth Cozzi Cove beach novel, NineStar Press).

Find Joe on his Website, Facebook, Twitter @JoeCosen

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It's #ReleaseDay for Lissa Kasey's "Painting with Fire," Book 1 in the Survivors Find Love Series! #Excerpt

It's release day for Painting With Fire! Join me in welcoming Lissa Kasey to my blog with a fascinating article on ball-jointed dolls and an exclusive excerpt from her newest release, Painting With Fire, Book One in the Survivors Find Love Series!

Painting With Fire is now available at

Doll Story
It’s hard to believe it’s been so long, but back in 2008 I was really into anime and the whole Japanese culture. There was a convention called Kakkoi Con here in Minneapolis that I attended and it was the first time I saw a BJD (ball-jointed doll). I admit at first glance I thought they were beautiful, eerie and a little strange. Many of the girls had them cradled in the crook of their arms as they walked around the convention.

What is it? I recalled asking. 

An Asian Ball Jointed doll. I was invited to a couple of panels about them, and even though the price intimidated me, I was hooked. I’d never been a girly girl. Never played with dolls. Never really had time for hobbies other than my writing. But this was a sort of creative outlet that intrigued me. Visual representation of the characters I wrote stories about. I couldn’t draw, but maybe I could create a doll that looked like them.
At the convention I attended a workshop on how to paint a “faceup” (the make up that makes the doll’s expression) on one of these dolls. I turned out to be somewhat adept in this, impressing the entire group with my painting, though it had been the first I’d ever done. Fast forward almost ten years and while I’m not the painter Bastian is; he is inspired by some amazing artists in our community that I follow. Bastian in Painting with Fire is an artist with an unusual medium. I had to go back through the story once it was finished and explain a lot of the terminology because like many people who do something for a long time, I’d forgotten regular people don’t know what this stuff is. But if you’re interested in the hobby, the dolls, or doll painting as a medium, here are a few Youtubers which inspired Bastian’s character:
Nicole’s Dreams: Andrea is an amazing artist. She has many videos on doll painting, wig making and other tutorials on her Youtube and Patreon pages.
Dollitful: She paints all sorts of dolls and offers clothing tutorials.
Mozekyto:  She makes wigs look easy.
There are a lot of information sites of the dolls, facebook communities like BJD Addicts and forums like Den of Angels. However, like with most artist communities I warn everyone that is a place of information and judgment. There are a lot of unfriendly comments about recast (knockoff) dolls, so if you look at a $900 doll and think I could never afford that and choose a $200 recast instead, the community will shun you and shame you. 
I recommend if anyone is interested in the artistic side of the hobby, begin with painting Monster High or Barbie dolls as they are cheap and can be found at thrift stores. Bastian began this way and worked his way up to the glamorous dolls like Fairyland’s minifies, and Iplehouse’s many beautiful dolls. Stay away from buying dolls on Ebay unless you want a recast. There are hundreds of doll companies with varieties to fit anyone’s interest.
While some people call the dolls creepy, I find them an infinite creative outlet. Maybe you can’t paint but you like the dolls and photography. There’s a whole community of photostory artists. I just make my characters into dolls. 
Do you find the hobby creepy? Or fascinating? If you could have any talent, what sort of talent would it be? Writing? Painting? Sculpting? Singing? Maybe even putting out fires like Charlie does. Let me know.
Exclusive Excerpt:
“Is there something you want to see?” Bastian asked. His eyes darted around, looking at anything except Charlie. Was he nervous?
“I watched a couple of your videos today while we were traveling. You make everything look easy.”
“Lots of practice.” Bastian opened a drawer filled with heads. Large heads, much larger than the Monster High heads had been. There were four other drawers just like it, the heads all varied in color. He chose one with a dark tan skin tone and held it up, looking between the head and Charlie for a minute, before putting it back and choosing another. He did it three more times before finally settling on one. “These are already treated. I wash and spray them with sealant before they go in the drawer, so I don’t have to wait when I’m inspired.”
Charlie smiled. “I inspire you?”
“Yes. You have beautiful bone structure. Great color and contrast.”
Charlie couldn’t help but laugh that Bastian had him broken down by art rather than life. “Paint away.”
Bastian set out a selection of pencils, pastels, and brushes. “You really don’t mind?”
“Not at all. I’d paint a doll of you if I could.”
“Why? I’m not interesting at all.”
“We’ll have to agree to disagree on that.” Charlie looked down at the drawers. “How do you pick the head?”
“Shape mostly.” He held up the one he’d picked to paint Charlie on. “This one isn’t exact, but with the right paint I can get it really close. It’s not all that unlike the trendy makeup style of contouring. See the high cheekbones? The eyes? The nose? The shape of the chin and the forehead?”
“I think my eyes aren’t as good as yours for telling that sort of thing.”
Bastian waved away his concern. “You’ll see.” He disappeared into his room for a minute and returned with the Asian top, then put on a fresh pair of gloves, flicked on the table light he’d been using the night before and began to work. The pastels went first, brushed on with a thick brush then smoothed around with his finger. He had a gray piece of putty that removed the blush. Bastian used a lot of browns, and even without any paint or pencils, the face began to look alive. He held it up after only a few minutes.
“I need to go spray it now. Each layer has to be sealed.”
“Okay,” Charlie agreed. “How do you do that?” He couldn’t recall any videos of sealing a doll, though he knew it had been mentioned many times.
“I keep the mask and sealant in the garage. It’s not safe to breathe.”
Charlie got up and grabbed his hoodie. “Lead the way.”
Bastian made his way out of the craft room, down the hall and into his room. He hesitated a moment before opening the door. His room was dark, but he flicked the light on to reveal a dollhouse as Charlie had never imagined. It took up half the room and was three floors, with stairs to get to the highest floor like a person could really go up there and hang out.

About Painting with Fire

Charlie “Wood Chuck” Fox knows his best friend and fellow wildfire firefighter Jessie Row had a major family break up in her past. Charlie has adopted her into his heart and into his huge family and when Jessie gets word her mother has passed away, Charlie fears returning home is going to tear her up.

Bastian Hart’s choice of career as a doll painter has put him at odds with his family. He’s made a sanctuary for himself on the San Juan Island of Friday Harbor, an hour away from his family. He welcomes his aunt Jessie and her friend Charlie into his house as they all prepare for the upcoming funeral. Charlie and Bastian discover a spark of smoldering fire igniting between them, but Charlie is unwilling to push and Bastian hesitant to trust. 

They will have to wade through pain, hate, and fear to find their future together.

Painting With Fire is now available at

About Lissa Kasey

Lissa Kasey is more than just romance. She specializes in depth characters, detailed world building, and twisting plots to keep you clinging to your book reader. All stories have a side of romance, emotionally messed up protagonists and feature LGBTGA spectrum characters facing real world problems no matter how fictional the story.

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Welcome to the Blog Tour for Antonia Aquilante's "The Sorcerer's Guardian," Book 4 in the Chronicles of Tournai!

Join me in welcoming Antonia Aquilante to my blog with Book Four in the Chronicles of Tournai Series, The Sorcerer's Guardian! Don't forget to scroll down and enter the giveaway!

The Sorcerer's Guardian is now available at

About The Sorcerer's Guardian

Savarin, the most powerful sorcerer in Tournai, has honed his Talent through years of study and made magic his life. Among the wealthy and noble circles he moves in, no one would suspect the handsome, refined, and arrogant sorcerer’s humble beginnings, which is how Savarin prefers it. Tournai’s princes task Savarin with studying and strengthening the spells that protect the principality from magical attack. They are complex, centuries old, and exactly the type of puzzle Savarin is eager to solve. To his annoyance, the princes insist Loriot accompanies him.
Loriot worked his way up the ranks of the royal guard to captain and takes pride in his service. He must obey the princes’ orders to protect Savarin, despite believing his skills would be best used elsewhere. And despite his wariness of magic. UnTalented himself, he has learned not only the benefits of magic but also its potential for harm—and how to counter it. Loriot and Savarin clash during their journey, but there’s another reason for the tension between them, and passion develops into feelings neither expected. But Savarin must still fortify Tournai’s magical barrier, and his only solution endangers both him and the royal family.

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Readers & Dreamers Series! Join Me in Welcoming Marinieves Cordero-Guzman to my blog with "Heartwarming Thoughts"!

As authors, we spend time interacting with our readers through brief comments on social media, but we rarely have a chance to hear full and complete thoughts, cares, and opinions. So, I have opened my blog up to those who we cherish, but so rarely have a chance to hear from: non-authors. Please join me in welcoming Marinieves Cordero-Guzman to my blog today with her heartwarming thoughts.

What started with a Personal Message on Facebook to one of my favorite authors and human beings changed to a conversation and ended in an invitation to write a post on his blog... and here it is. That post!

For many years I kept a secret, and when I found myself out of a job and forced, in a sense, to stay at home…it all came out. I’d been coping and holding it in all my life and the loss of my job brought it to a head. When I was younger, I experienced trauma that I kept silent about. It led to a downward spiral and I made many mistakes and nearly lost myself. I kept moving through life, but not moving forward. And then I found myself with no job, no prospects for self-actualization, and… wow! I realized I needed help.
And so it began—my search for help.

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#ReleaseDay HEARTIFACT by Aisling Mancy is out!

Cover by Timmy Ashton
Men Over the Rainbow
Amazon, Amazon UKAll Romance eBooks,
Barnes & Noble, Smashwords
en français
Men Over the Rainbow
Amazon FR, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords

As many of you know, I advocate for abused kids. 
The net proceeds of this book benefit those kids. 
Net proceeds benefit the The Trevor Project in the US,
le Refuge in France, and Arcigay in Italy

Harper Kidd is a highly respected marine archaeologist. Yet, with the economy in a slump, he’s trapped working in an oil company’s exploration division. Now, at the ripe age of thirty, Harp is disgusted with his employer’s damage to the undersea world he loves, tired of his ATM-card-filching ex, and tormented by beautiful dreams of an undersea lover. It’s time for a change and when his best friend, Stick, pleads with him to assist on a deep-sea dig in the Mediterranean, he jumps at the chance. 

Harper’s spirits are high when they discover the ruins of an ancient civilization, and soar to the heavens when they discover a statue of an ancient pelora, a mysterious hybrid creature said to mediate between the worlds of reality and fantasy—and the very lover who holds the starring role in his dreams. 

When the crew discovers the site is teeming with unexploded ordnance from the conflicts in the Middle East, and the excavation turns deadly, Harper must choose between saving his best friend and saving the pelora he’s fallen in love with. 

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Outstanding Reviews for Heartifact!

5★...AMAZING BOOK!—You will be floored at every turn! A wealth of information wrapped in a wonderful, engaging story!
BEC,  Bike Book Reviews

5★...YOU LIVE AND BREATH [THIS AUTHOR'S] WORDS—Nobody can write like Mancy... depth of knowledge is outstanding... interpretation is remarkable... portrayal [of] characters is prodigious... you cannot read a book by [Mancy] and not learn something new... It's more than just reading a book, you live and breathe his words... definitely recommended to all lovers of the M/M genre.
JO,  Jo & Isa Love Books

5★...READ... AND READ AGAINThis is a thriller. With twists. And it’s hot. Very hot... I am forever impressed with the erudition of this author, his stories span such diverse topics... I went and bought my own copies. Yes, plural... Well worth my time to read this, and then read it again!
ANNA,  Anna Lund Reviews

5★...A GIFT FROM THE HEART!Heartifact is... nonstop excitement, a sexy god, and fascinating marine exploration... but this story also has a message... that friendships are most important. A book by Aisling Mancy is always going to deliver!
SARA,  Sara Ella's Reviews

4★...A FANTASTIC STORY!The author deftly merges mythology, ancient history, and modern technology in this well-crafted suspense/mystery... kept me at the edge of my seat.... Hot sexy dreams are set against high seas explorations fraught with danger and excitement... Diving to the bottom of the ocean, making fantastic discoveries, finding treasures beyond their wildest dreams - this was a fantastic story. Well worth your time!
SANDRA,  My Fiction Nook

4★...MORE THAN A GOOD READ!Aisling Mancy makes his story come alive... Mancy’s excellent pacing creates a “can't-put-it-down" read... The plot pits science against emotion... And the sex scenes are as vivid as the archaeological dive... The reader falls for the plot, just as Harper falls for his ancient god... Heartifact is more than a good read... Give it a go!
ANNIE,  Kimmers' Erotic Book Banter

4★...FANTASY, MYTHOLOGY, REALITY & SICENCE MEET IN THE WATERS OFF OF GREECE!I recommend this book for those who love the ocean... and if you love romance on the ocean then you will love this book. The ending is action-packed and surprising... It’s really something great!
ARIEL,  Gay Book Reviews

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HEARTIFACT by Aisling Mancy is NOW AVAILABLE! Follow the Blog Tour and Enter to Win!

Cover by Timmy Ashton
As many of you know, I advocate for abused kids. 
The net proceeds of this book benefit those kids. 
Net proceeds benefit the The Trevor Project in the US,
le Refuge in France, and Arcigay in Italy
Harper Kidd is a highly respected marine archaeologist. Yet, with the economy in a slump, he’s trapped working in an oil company’s exploration division. Now, at the ripe age of thirty, Harp is disgusted with his employer’s damage to the undersea world he loves, tired of his ATM-card-filching ex, and tormented by beautiful dreams of an undersea lover. It’s time for a change and when his best friend, Stick, pleads with him to assist on a deep-sea dig in the Mediterranean, he jumps at the chance. 

Harper’s spirits are high when they discover the ruins of an ancient civilization, and soar to the heavens when they discover a statue of an ancient pelora, a mysterious hybrid creature said to mediate between the worlds of reality and fantasy—and the very lover who holds the starring role in his dreams. 

When the crew discovers the site is teeming with unexploded ordnance from the conflicts in the Middle East, and the excavation turns deadly, Harper must choose between saving his best friend and saving the pelora he’s fallen in love with. 
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