Sunday, December 9, 2012

Get Ready for Aisling's The Next Big Thing! #2

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Ethan Robertson by James Demitri


“I must not think, I may not gaze,
On what I am – on what I was.”


It was the year 3012.

First, there had been the stem-cell scientists and gene-splicers, and then came interstellar travel. Under the auspices of the Human Genome Project, they created a race of human-alien hybrids with hermaphroditic traits and superior psychokinetic powers. A millennium later, they named them an abomination before God and called for their annihilation. They.

Ffolant was the most powerful human-Jupitarian hybrid in existence and they came after him. They. At age eighteen, they had murdered his parents before his eyes to make a point. They. They sheared his wings and genetically enhanced him. And almost killed him in the process. They. Then they made him a tracker – of his own kind. They.

Now, at twenty-two, he was their most trusted assassin. He was elite and he loathed it. Rebellion thundered behind his eyes and hatred burst like caustic fireworks in his mind. The need for insurrection permeated his veins, bittersweet saccharin on his senses and a cloying miasma on humanity’s horizon. A storm was coming.

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