Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Outstanding Reviews for A Solitary Man by Shira Anthony & Aisling Mancy!

Well-written story dealing with an emotionally charged subject. The authors succeeded in taking the protagonists to their respective emotional edges without spilling over into melodrama.

A solid mystery well told. The lead characters work well on their own, but the story truly shines and the pace picks up when they come together and combine their forces.

This was a super fantastic read. It has all the elements I enjoy in a story. Action, Intrigue, Hot Men! The plot went by smoothly, leaving me wanting for more of these two guys and the world that surrounds them. The setting was lifelike, bringing me deep into their world and living what they lived, experiencing their emotions, etc. The characters are people whom I wouldn't mind being friends with. Loved the writing, smooth and deep. Keep at it! Well done, Aisling. You've accomplished something not many stories do, making me a part of your world. And for that, I thank you! I can't help but give this book a perfect score! I'd love to read more, not just from these two characters but from Aisling's other stories as well.

...A beautiful book, full of feelings and a hard dose of reality. Full of feelings and well worth reading.
LOUISA, Love Bytes ReviewsBest of 2017

...I could not put it down. A Solitary Man defines the mystery thriller genre...I have enjoyed other books by these authors...when they write together it’s a powder keg that is going to blow and all the reader can do is hang on for the ride....
BECKY CONDITUSA Today, Happily Ever After Blog
A Solitary Man makes Becky's MUST READ Romances of 2015!

5★...GRIPPING! ...superbly written, it flows beautifully and keeps you engaged from start to finish...
A Solitary Man takes two awards in the Divine Magazine 2015 Book Awards!

5★...OUTSTANDING!...impeccable pacing, grabs your attention from the very first page and holds you hostage to its exciting closing paragraphs. Richly drawn characters, lush settings, and meticulously researched plot lines make this book a must read for any who are looking for an outstanding mystery novel... I highly recommend to you.
SAMMY GOODE, Joyfully Jay Reviews
A Solitary Man makes Sammy's Best of 2015!

5★...ONE OF THE BEST...rivals, if not surpasses, any action movie I've ever seen. It's got it all: suspense, mystery, adventure, romance, and awesome characters. I commend Shira and Aisling for tackling the atrocious subject of child of the best books I've read in a long time.
LENA GREY,  Rainbow Book Reviews

HUGE 5★...fabulous writing...superb job of entwining a tale of mystery, suspense and drama that will not leave you for any time to come...well written, thought-provoking look at the underworld at it’s most depraved and disgusting level...recommending this amazing book!
KAT,  Love Bytes Reviews
A Solitary Man makes Kat's Best Books of 2015!

5★...A RUSH AND A HALF—this storyline grabbed me by the collar, shook me to the core, made me scream, rave, laugh, rejoice...
ANNA LUND,  My Fiction Nook
A Solitary Man makes Anna's Top 10 Books of 2015!

5★...POWERFUL...a suspense thriller, a crime novel... romance story, and the authors handled it all beautifully...with that emotional engine driving this story, it makes [it] a book to remember and perhaps one of the best of the year. I highly recommend it.
MELANIE MARSHALL,  Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words
A Solitary Man makes Melanie's Best of 2015!
5★...BRILLIANT WRITING...this reads like a collaboration from Karin Slaughter, Patricia Cornwall and Michael Connelly. Politics, federal agencies, human trafficking and murder...a story that will appeal to a mainstream audience far beyond the traditional m/m romance market.
SARAH,  Inked Rainbow Reads

6/5★...WOW...I can’t say enough great things...highly recommend it...It was amazing.
MORGAN SKYE The Blogger Girls

5★...GRIPPING! These two Authors really are exceptional writers. The story flowed...There was plenty of mystery, a whole lot of suspense. One huge investigation that you will want to read to the end. Written beautifully and tactful since it deals with very delicate issues.
JOANNE SWINNEY Jo & Isa Love Books

5★...A GREAT STORY OF STUNNING STRENGTH AND THE WILL TO SURVIVE! This book will bring you to tears and some of the characters will have you steaming mad...! is a brilliant, candid look at things we don't want to believe happen and the people behind the scenes who want to save the lost, the hurt, and the neglected. You just can't miss it!
BEC MATTOCKS,  Bike Book Reviews

5★...LITERARY WIN!...well thought-out sexy, suspense-filled drama... plotline all worked really well... [a] M/M literary win!
CHELSEA MM Book Reviews 4 Girls
4.5★...SUSPENSEFUL! ...highly recommend to fans of M/M mystery and suspense who like a bit of romance and hurt/healing/comfort on the side. This is an exciting ride!
GIGI,  Gay Book Reviews

4.5★...GRITTY! ...tightly woven, brisk, a great romantic thriller.... you won't want to miss!
4★...SURPRISES AT EVERY of the most well-written suspense stories I’ve ever read... I want more...
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