Thursday, November 24, 2016

Outstanding Reviews for Heartifact!

5★...AMAZING BOOK!—You will be floored at every turn! A wealth of information wrapped in a wonderful, engaging story!
BEC,  Bike Book Reviews

5★...YOU LIVE AND BREATH [THIS AUTHOR'S] WORDS—Nobody can write like Mancy... depth of knowledge is outstanding... interpretation is remarkable... portrayal [of] characters is prodigious... you cannot read a book by [Mancy] and not learn something new... It's more than just reading a book, you live and breathe his words... definitely recommended to all lovers of the M/M genre.
JO,  Jo & Isa Love Books

5★...READ... AND READ AGAINThis is a thriller. With twists. And it’s hot. Very hot... I am forever impressed with the erudition of this author, his stories span such diverse topics... I went and bought my own copies. Yes, plural... Well worth my time to read this, and then read it again!
ANNA,  Anna Lund Reviews

5★...A GIFT FROM THE HEART!Heartifact is... nonstop excitement, a sexy god, and fascinating marine exploration... but this story also has a message... that friendships are most important. A book by Aisling Mancy is always going to deliver!
SARA,  Sara Ella's Reviews

4★...A FANTASTIC STORY!The author deftly merges mythology, ancient history, and modern technology in this well-crafted suspense/mystery... kept me at the edge of my seat.... Hot sexy dreams are set against high seas explorations fraught with danger and excitement... Diving to the bottom of the ocean, making fantastic discoveries, finding treasures beyond their wildest dreams - this was a fantastic story. Well worth your time!
SANDRA,  My Fiction Nook

4★...MORE THAN A GOOD READ!Aisling Mancy makes his story come alive... Mancy’s excellent pacing creates a “can't-put-it-down" read... The plot pits science against emotion... And the sex scenes are as vivid as the archaeological dive... The reader falls for the plot, just as Harper falls for his ancient god... Heartifact is more than a good read... Give it a go!
ANNIE,  Kimmers' Erotic Book Banter

4★...FANTASY, MYTHOLOGY, REALITY & SICENCE MEET IN THE WATERS OFF OF GREECE!I recommend this book for those who love the ocean... and if you love romance on the ocean then you will love this book. The ending is action-packed and surprising... It’s really something great!
ARIEL,  Gay Book Reviews
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