Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The #GRL DIRTY DOZEN BLOG HOP! Enter to win!

"Dirty Dozen" 
blog hop
12 GRL Authors | 12 Question Q&A | 12 book Giveaway

We're gearing up for Gay Rom Lit Retreat in San Diego so it's time for another 'Dirty Dozen' blog hop and giveaway event! As with last year, Tammy collected twelve different Featured and Supporting Authors from GRL and we answered twelve questions posed to each other for the hop. Each Author is donating an e-book to the giveaway, so one lucky person will walk away with a dozen books for their enjoyment! 

Here's who is hosting whom and when...
September 24th | AE Via is hosting Wade Kelly
September 25th | Aisling Mancy is hosting Tempeste O'Riley
September 28th | Alexa Land is hosting TM Smith
September 29th | Carter Quinn is hosting Nicole Dennis
September 30th | Jeff Adams is hosting Nic Starr
October 1st | LE Franks is hosting Morticia Knight
October 2nd | Morticia Knight is hosting LE Franks
October 5th | Nic Starr is hosting Jeff Adams
October 6th | Nicole Dennis is hosting Carter Quinn
October 7th | TM Smith is hosting Alexa Land
October 8th | Tempeste O'Riley is hosting Aisling Mancy
October 9th | Wade Kelly is hosting AE Via

The Q&A list each Author will be answering for their post...
{each Author submitted a question and all 12 Authors answer them, including their own}
AE Via: Do you fully outline a book? Or do you sit and let the thoughts flow as you type?
Aisling Mancy: Describe your writing style in five words and what about that style sets you apart from other authors in your genre(s)?
Alexa Land: What are you currently working on, and what can we expect from you in 2016?
Carter Quinn: What's the answer to the one question no interviewer has ever asked? 
Jeff Adams: When you're stuck on a story, what do you do to get the words flowing again?
LE Franks: What's your favorite scene from your own work, and the one that's lingered longest from someone else's? 
Morticia Knight: What is your favorite genre to read? Least favorite?
Nic Starr: Tell us about your writing environment and where your writing time fits into your daily or weekly schedule?
Nicole Dennis: How do you manage all of your new plot bunnies and what is your process to work on one?
TM Smith: What keeps you focused when writing?
Tempeste O'Riley: In a perfect world, would you write full time? If so, would it ll be mm/LGBT or would there be some mf in there too? 
Wade Kelly: What influenced your decision to write in this genre?

"Dirty Dozen" e-book extravaganza giveaway...
ONE lucky winner will receive an e-book from each Author on the hop. Most Author's have submitted winner's choice from their backlist, but a few have listed a specific title.

AE Via: Winner’s choice, one book from the Nothing Special series
Aisling Mancy: Joyeaux Noel by Aisling Mancy (adult) or Safe by C. Kennedy (young adult)
Alexa Land: One ebook copy from the  'Coming Home' series, or Winner's choice from my backlist.
Carter Quinn: Winner’s choice, one book from Carter's backlist
Jeff Adams: Winner’s choice, one book from Jeff's backlist
LE Frank: Winner's choice, copy of 6 Days to Valentine or Can This be Real
Morticia Knight: Winner’s choice, one book from Morticia's backlist
Nic Starr: Winner's choice, copy of Andrew's Promise or More Than a Friend
Nicole Dennis: Winner’s choice, one book from Nicole's backlist
TM Smith: Winner’s choice, one book from TM's backlist
Tempeste O'Riley: Winner’s choice, one book from Tempeste's backlist
Wade Kelly: Winner’s choice, one book from Wade's backlist

Just think, you could have every book you see pictured above on your e-reader. 
That should keep you busy for a while! 

Be sure to follow the hop and see how all 12 questions might be the same, but the answers will be wildly different. And show your support by sharing each days post on your social media accounts!

Good luck everyone! See you in San Diego!
**** to enter the giveaway leave a comment ON TEMPEST O'RILEY'S POST ON THIS BLOG WHICH WILL PUBLISH AT 12:00 A.M. EST ON SEPTEMBER 25TH - you can visit EACH stop on the hop via the links above by their name, and leave a comment at EACH stop for additional entries. At the end of the hop I will put EVERY comment from EACH stop into a hat and draw ONE lucky winner ****