Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Outstanding Reviews for Sleight of Heart!

Excellent story of supernatural love, written in exquisite style. The rescue is delicious!
5★ Page-turner...A FANTASY READER'S DREAM!—From the intricate world building and cultural nuances to the simple yet passionate love that rises between our two main characters, we are immersed in a magical world inhabited by riveting people and creatures... I highly recommend Sleight of Heart to you and hope you enjoy this marvelous story as much as I did....
SAMMY GOODE,  The Novel Approach Reviews

5★...ONE OF THE BEST—...one of the best written and imaginative paranormal stories I have read recently. It is full of romance, danger, and surprises (just wait till you meet Sax!). I give it a solid recommendation for anyone looking for their next great read.
KIRSTY,  Joyfully Jay Reviews

5★...WHAT A RIDE!—the true strength in this story lies in the chapters between the intimate moments, when there is running, and jumping, and fixing, and hoping, and thinking, and pining, and flying, and…and…and…Mancy is the king of purple prose. He makes it fun to read again...
ANNA LUND,  My Fiction Nook

5★...BRILLIANCEMancy has given us a story you do not simply read, but you fall into and feel it with every fiber of your being! ...this book is amazing and you will want to read it again and again!
BEC MATTOCKS,  Bike Book Reviews

5★...MAGICAL!—Mancy is a phenomenal writer bringing breathtaking stories that make the unbelievable very plausible. He captured my heart with this prodigious book. Tales of gypsies, vampires, fey, shifters, dragons all in one magnificent story. I highly recommend this book to all ‪paranormal M/M lovers. You will be blown away on a journey through a world of spectacular fantasy.
JOANNE SWINNEY,  Jo & Isa Love Books

5★...AN EASY 5 out of 5★s!—Mancy, author extraordinaire, is someone whose stories always affect me deeply... a whole host of interesting characters...as you travel from page to page...from the castle to the compania and from the boardwalk to the caves, Mr Mancy brings life to his words like a painter does to a drawing... An easy 5 out of 5 stars.

4.5★...AMAZINGLY RICH, BEAUTIFUL, DEEPLY MAGICAL!—Sleight of Heart is an enchanting, romantic tale of choices and fate and never repeating your same mistakes. It’s a romance written in beautiful, classic prose that engages you immediately as it emerges you into the depth of the story and holds you tightly until the end. I can’t wait to see where they series goes next…

SARA,  Oh My Shelves!

5★...HEARTFELT & MAGICAL!—Mancy surrounds his story in magic and fantasy. With a beautiful, melodic writing style, he eloquently conveys Sleight of Heart in a way that immersed me into this world of Romani, Vampire, Fairy and Dragon. Love this story!
SARA,  Sara Ella's Reviews

❝4★...DELECTIBLY MAGICAL!—Mancy creates delectably magical creatures... who entice one to grow into their best possible selves... And thus they inspire us to take up the good fight once more... Attention to cultural details made me hungry to live in his plots.

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